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Meir Bialer, Jerusalem, Israel
Svein I. Johannessen, Sandvika, Norway

Matthias Koepp, London, UK
Rene H. Levy, Seattle, USA
Emilio Perucca, Melbourne, Australia

Piero Perucca, Melbourne, Australia
Torbjörn Tomson, Stockholm, Sweden
H. Steven White, Salt Lake City, USA


In Memoriam: Svein I. Johannessen


Dr. Svein I. Johannessen passed away peacefully in Oslo, Norway, on 26 May 2024. His scientific contribution over more than 50 years of active research covered a wide range of topics related to the clinical pharmacology of ASMs, with special reference to the pharmacokinetics, drug interactions and adverse effects. Dr. Johannessen received the ILAE-IBE Ambassador for Epilepsy Award in 1982 and was the chair of ILAE-Europe (then Commission of European Affairs) between 2001-2005.

He was a "prince of a man," uniquely kind and generous, and will be sorely missed.

Read full tribute to Svein I. Johannessen - 1942 - 2024

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